Characters Guide - A

Abbraynee, Maarssa –Female reveller at the Outlander Nightclub on the lower levels of Coruscant who hailed from Cloud City, Bespin. A legal assistant by trade, Maarssa had been brought to Coruscant by her firm for a conference. She enjoyed a drink with Jan Lomona while he was there on business forJabba the Hutt and eventually came to be a friend to Jan whenever he worked theOuter Rim Territories. Years later Jan and Maarssa managed to meet up on Bespin and enjoyed a night together, narrowly managing to avoid Jan’s daughter Paige in the process.


Acrupial – (See Culdanatia the Third, Emperor)

Acti-Rathbone, Commander – Based on Fox Base, the Alliances base on the planetVorathie. Rathbone was there as an expert on the Setnin Spec B-wing fighters that Lando Calrissian and Jan Lomona helped transport across the sector and away from the eyes of the Empire.


Acubb, Quenton - This stocky, heavily built gunfighter from the world of Norlovonbuilt a solid reputation in a fight. This reputation led him to become the security agent for the Governor of Chancai, saving the governor’s life and becoming a hero. Eventually the pressure of the job became too much and he vacated the position.


Agganna - Female Rebel soldier who was held as an Imperial prisoner on the planetErinson along with her colleagues Tolbruson and Honsen. Strong and well muscled, Agganna managed to break the necks of a fewStormtroopers before escaping.


Ahern, Hemet - Sullustian trader with a tendency to fall the foul side of the law through no fault of his own. Pristine in his appearance and lifestyle, he tries to get the best-paid jobs with the ultimate aim to purchase his own fleet of transports and become well known. Short-tempered, Hemet abhorres ill manners and shoddy presentation. A whiner when things don’t go right for him.


Aiacken Ferrerean Tauntaun rider who fought alongside his Ferrerean brothers against a Janos Executioner attack on Zelon.


AJ-685 – House droid belonging to Dogtooth Fford, the employee of the Zelon Intergalactic Trustee Society who stumbled upon a scam of Glann Cipples by accident. AJ was fitted with listening devices by both Z.I.T.S and by Cipple, and was destroyed when the assassin Uunver burst into the apartment on Level 14 and blasted the droid across the room.


Akaan, Muir - Sleeper agent for a rebel cell in the Abrogard System in the Verlence Sector. Posing as Leightie Hasaad, the wronged husband of Dessio D’Staan’s mistress Tessa Hasaad, Akaan was in fact observing Abrogard as a possible location for a secret rebel base sometime before the start of the Galactic Civil War. A woman named Ultrice who was attempting to assassinate D’Staan for the death of her fiancé mistakenly shot Akaan dead.


Akallon the Fourth, Emperor Priest – Successor to Culdinatia the Third of Janosand the Emperor Priest who led the Janites into a war against the Setnin Sector, the surviving Zobian Pirates and the non-affiliated worlds. Fiercely proud of his Janite heritage, Akallon was almost unique in that he also felt pride in being a citizen of the Setnin Sector – rare for such an isolationist race as the Janites.


Alamania, Lady - Pupil of the dark Bedois warrior Arcc Nedeen who was aboard theImperial Class Star Destroyer Imperishable during the Zobian Pirate attack on theChancai Trade Centre.


Aleria, Constance – (See Derril, Constance)

Alfadeesa, Shotab - Scaly alien female, possibly with Force abilities who could apparently see into the future.


Allafson, Governor Dresh – Governor of Nogard and father of Seranomi and thedark Jedi Garani. Allafson aided his son-in-law Notami De’Athe in his efforts to bring the Rinsome Project, a daring plan to save Setnin’s remaining Jedi to fruition by bringing his vessels into play in various battles against the newly formed Empire.


Allafson, Garani - Beautiful and seductive woman who twisted men to do her bidding by using a combination of natural charm, beauty and the dark side of the Force. As a child Garani was trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant alongside her older sisterSeranomi, but was expelled with her sister when Seranomi was discovered dabbling in the dark side of the Force. Fascinated by the power of the dark side, Garani joined the side of the Separatists during the Clone Wars and was present at the Battle of Salutarr, fighting Jedi Knight Ade-arr B’erain. She confronted the respected Jedi Knight Yyfekk Talaihin and watched him apparently kill his fellow Jedi Knight, Seranomi’s lover and later husband Notami De’Athe. Garani fought B’erain once more on Kofashees before he became aware of the presence of Astorr Gorre, the dark Force user who Garani answered to. Garani murdered her sister Seranomi as she tried to flee Corellia and take her infant sonBlake to safety aboard the Rinsome, an action which shook Garani to the core. Many years later, realising it was dangerous for her to reveal her powers during the era of Lord Darth Vader and the Empire she worked as a smuggler in the Setnin Sectorand ironically became an agent for the Imperials to lure men into situations where they would be susceptible to capture.


Allafson, Seranomi – (See De’Athe, Seranomi)

Aloos, Ge-Tharton–Human male, middle-aged with greying hair and bright blue eyes. Quite stocky and muscular, Aloos wore loose fitting military-type clothes. Friendly but always with an eye out for trouble, Aloos tried not to leave Intelligence Officer Kambri’s side. Aloos was something more than he appeared – although he was a devout supporter of the Rebel Alliance he used to be an operative for the Imperial Security Bureau. After lifting many secrets from the ISB he defected to the Alliance. Although he proved himself there were some who didn’t trust him, although Kambri was not one of them. Aloos knew that Major Maigour hated him but was indifferent to his comments.


Alorn, Darrik – A cheat, con man and grifter of the first order who conned Hutts,Imperials, Rebels, Setnin Justice Department officers and Glann Cipple. Alorn ran off to the world of Trassus with thirty thousand credits he stole from Cipple, but was hunted down by Goah Galletti, Jan Lomona, Tarr Ranth and Ryath Centaur. However, it was the assassin Carlonian Feese who administered the death shot, killing Alorn and claiming the considerable bounty on his head.


Alson – Ganglord Dressels operative in the Biem Sector.


Altona, Geata - Twi’lek Jedi apprentice of Blake De’Athe. Not yet adept at controlling the Force, he was approached by Aaron De’Athe and persuaded to betray friends and colleagues. Instead he choose to leave the Jedi, not realising he was falling straight into Aaron’s hands. However, Blake De’Athe read the young Padawans fears and realised there was more to the young apprentice than met the eye. Voicing his apprehension, Blake was persuaded to send someone out to investigate Geata’s whereabouts, and Trude De’Athe volunteered. Geata led Trude into a trap and only at the last minute realised that he had a chance to redeem himself by attempting to kill his new Master. However, Trude intervened by surrendering and stopping the young Padawan from being killed. He returned to Blake and relayed what had happened. Blake accepted him back into the group.


Alvarna, Pillot – Born during the Clone Wars on the planet Draite, Pillot was one of the most devious and two-faced men in the Setnin, or indeed any other sector. Joining the Empire at the age of consent Pilot was a soldier in the Sinar Legion, eventually rising through the ranks to make Colonel. Using his position of power to cheat and deceive, Pillot entered into an arrangement with the Tatooine gangster Jabba the Hutt to sell secrets and information he stumbled upon. Soon Pillot accepted a posting on the world of Durathosin, taking advantage of the unrest there to orchestrate the death of his superior General Mansinson. Entering into an illicit affair with Sarra Centaur, whom he later married, Pillot’s scheming also enabled him to discredit her husband Ryath Centaur and have a hand in the execution of Ryath’s batch brother Torath. After leaving his post on Durathosin, Pillot was posted to Jarros where he got into an altercation with a superior officer and was thrown out of the services. Desperate to stay within the New Order he accepted a position as a double agent. His sponsor Admiral Trueman had him infiltrate rebel resistance cells in the Setnin Sector, including one on Kalum IV, and during this time there he betrayed many. He again tried to apprehend Centaur, but eventually Pillot returned to Draite and met with an elderly Janos Executioner by the name of Redd Garmich. Meeting Goah Galletti and Jan Lomona for the first time the four of them attempted to travel to Janos, but Garmich was shot and captured by Stormtroopers, later to be rescued by Centaur. Travelling on to Janos, Pillot tried to sell a sliver of Janos Jewel to the Empire, double-crossing Galletti and Lomona and revealing his true motives. Escaping Janos he fled back to the underworld. Once again he was selling secrets to anyone and everyone, Dressel, Jomobol Pocock and Predd Jason included. Inadvertently responsible for unleashing the Coryarthanax onto the sector, Pillot worked for Y’nep Rathell, a link in Longbody’s chain of command. Pillot remained on Centaurs hit list and was hunted through the sectors by the vengeful ex-Imperial mercenary until Ryath finally caught up with and executed him.


Alvarna, Sarra – (See Centaur, Sarra)

AMV-6 - The intelligent starship computer aboard the Shadow of the Phoenix.


Anall, Pheon - This small human male gained himself a fearsome reputation as an adept warrior and sniper. From an advanced and secretive culture he flew a starship called the Antares and had a cybernetic arm.


Anarri, Lall - Journalist and sister of the ex-rebel field researcher Lee Anarri. Born on the world of Verakaike, Lall spent her formative years on the run from the authorities with her parents and brother. After fleeing Verakaike with Lee she became a journalist - one determined to investigate the civil and beings rights abuses running rife throughout the galaxy.


Anarri, Lee - Born on the massive world of Verakaike, Anarri spent his childhood years on the run with his sister and his parents who were political activists. Eventually escaping Verakaike with his sister Lall Anarri he joined a rebel cell and became a field researcher. Lee decided to give up that occupation and travelled the stars alone in his freighters theVision of Tereen and then the Dawn Raider. Enjoying the varied lifestyles his new occupation as a ship-for-hire gave him, he remained loyal to the Rebellion, the New Republic and later the Galactic Federation. Anari also contributed to the popular news circulation the Chancai Express.


Anax, Peron - This easygoing Corellian trader plied his trade throughout the local sectors. Laid back, though cautious of new situations, Anax ran a tight successful operation.


Andrus – Leader of the Legion of Fedarn and next in line to Prime Lord Paol Kreaiden.


Anne Beyad’s co-pilot aboard the freighter Wars End and a valuable friend during his years after leaving the New Republic.


Annuli, Leon - Blue tongued alien and good friend of the mercenary Ryath Centaur. Annuli was an ex-Imperial technician on the world of Numinoil until his defection. Working as a starship thief Annuli soon gathered an interest in starship design. After taking his Galaxy and Guilds Degree at the University of Anaridi, Annuli achieved his ambition of becoming a designer and worked for the massive Desando Dynamics Corporation.


Ansonn –Actor hired by Glann Cipple to enact the role of his chief political opponent.

Ansonn wasn’t able to keep up the façade to a significant degree and met an unfortunate death in a smelting factory, only to be replaced by another actor, Exxob.


Anto –Friend of the Soldier of Fedarn, son of one of the Advisors to Prime Lord Atheus.

A great man with a powerful personality, Anto refused the honorary commission in theKi-Ki Legions bestowed upon most men of his lineage and opted to fight as a common soldier and earn his position.


Anunes, Gordal Amphibian Jedi Academy student from the world of Atrudi.

Trained by Master Luke Skywalker and a former student of Blake De’Athe while he was in thrall to the dark side, Anunes left the academy under mysterious circumstances, beginning a vendetta against De’Athe and vowing to hit out at his closest friends. His actions led to the deaths of many, injuries to Bad Luck Beon Odiss, Nias Derril and causing Jan Lomona to be propelled across the galaxy for a decade. He was finally apprehended by De’Athe and finished his life in combat against his former master.


Ap, Bagga –Human defensive player for the Grangar Flamers with a transfer fee ofc23, 000.


Aquari, Roorbin - At over two and a half meters tall and aged 87 standard years, Aquari had been on the scene for a long time.

Smuggling through the local sectors, his reputation was undiminished, probably because he didn’t suffer fools gladly and detested weakness in people.


Aran, CaptainKi-Ki commander of the first legion.

Based on an orbital defence platform he was known to be extremely proficient at interrogating prisoners.


Arben, Dafer - Male human who ran the world of Runania for underworld kingpinMonall Torsh.

Not the most pleasant of men, Dafer was unpopular even amongst his own people.


Areed, War Marshall –Mercenary from the Setnin Sector, who was once in the servitude of the Emperor-Priest Akallon IV.

Areed was trained at the Academy in the town of Ceress on the world of Basser and, as a Basser Cadet was a superb tactical genius. His skill at warfare was motivated by money and the determination to become the greatest soldier in history, and as such wisely tried to avoid collateral damage whenever possible.

He also had secret contacts where he could obtain weapons and warships, making him a much sought after man.

Areed eventually ended his contract with the Ki-Ki, opting to work from his ship the Four of Staves and eventually assist his cousin Captain Lovo and the Familee brotherswho he had previously been so instrumental in almost destroying.


Ariasul, Tippen - Alien second-in-command to Ch’Tad Bedd.

From the world of Rellem, Tippen hated Ch’Tad intensely and soiught to undermone and overthrow him.


Ariso, Venek - Head of security on Chancai at the time of the Battle of Naboo.

Dessio D’Staan, working alongside Anak Arkensaw, Ade Lomona and Balga Nili,recognised Ariso as a man accused by the Republic years before of Janite sympathy and collaboration, and as such Ariso was killed trying to stop Nili’s transmission of his song ‘Slave to Credits’and the signal encoded within, designed to stop the Janite attack on Chancai.


Arkensaw – Mother of Luschia Arkensaw who fell in love with the smuggler Riger.

A Force user, Arkensaw was given refuge by Riger and Anzai Karoo, and after falling in love with Riger spent a single night with him.

Years after her family was sold out to the Empire by Dressel and Glann Cipple for a million credits, and Arkensaw was executed.

Her daughter Luschia survived.


Arkensaw, Anak –Foster father of Luschia Arkensaw after her entire family were wiped out by the Empire after being betrayed by Glann Cipple.

Anak worked for Duze Jostenn for a while, working closely with Ade Lomona, as well as a younger Glann Cipple.

After fleeing the sector due to double-crossing Jostenn, Anak returned and founded theSetnin Bounty Hunters Guild, becoming a man of importance and therefore enabling himself to evade Jostenn’s attacks.


Arkensaw, Letitia– Daughter of the late Luschia Arkensaw, grand daughter of Anak Arkensaw and the bounty hunter Queed, half-sister of Skeet Jonas and a student at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.

The Bedois dark Force user Arcc Nedeen abducted Letitia along with five fellow students from the planet Wennicas. Resisting the lure of the dark side, Letitia was rescued by her mother Luschia, Queed, Jan Lomona and Joah-Qui-Lan in the warehouse district of Chancai.

She later became one of the senior Jedi representatives to the Setnin Sector.


Arkensaw, Luschia - Notorious Trefnarian-born female mercenary, bounty hunter and daughter of the bounty hunter Queed, also known as Riger.

Arkensaw had a brief affair with Grand Moff Galgen, consequently giving birth to her daughter Letitia Arkensaw who was strong in the Force, much like Luschia’s own mother.

Arkensaws family was sold out to the Empire by the ganglords Glann Cipple andDressel, but Luschia did not learn this for many years.

Luschia had a short-lived feud with Jan Lomona over 30,000 credits she erroneously claimed that he owned her.

Arkensaw worked for Cipple but double-crossed him, resulting in a number of mercenaries/assassins being sent after her, including Ryath Centaur who caught and subsequently released her.

Once the owner of the Star Swarm, which was destroyed whilst parked, she later stole another assault Shadowship called the Reaper.

Luschia bought the Euphoria space station orbiting the planet of Chinyard fromNemec Niern and transported it across the sector to Wennicas. Paying him half a million in negotiable stellar bonds she believed to be fakes, Arkensaw soon hired trusted friends and colleagues, including Arach Raynor with whom she had a closer relationship with, to fill vital positions. Swiftly she made the station the third most successful trade location in the sector, behind Chancai and the Vosside Station.

After a time in charge she left the station to travel the Mid-Rim, disillusioned with the situation there and saddened by the death of her friend Melm, the man who was formerly Glann Cipples trusted number two.

Returning to Amagad she tried to acquire some of Glann Cipples holdings, but it was for a short time. Stumbling across a hidden monitoring station she began a sequence of events that even she couldn’t escape and her life was lost during an explosion aboard her starship which smashed into the impervious hull of the starship Heed.


Arkin – Towering, grey-skinned hermaphrodite mercenary friend of Jan Lomona andRyath Centaur.

After having seven children he felt the lure of the spaceways and left his homeworld. Arkin possessed the courage of a fool and the heart of a poet – Arkin never shied away from a situation.

Arkin later became a Galactic Alliance representative to the Setnin Council in the office of security and the bodyguard of Baron Familee on Chinngard dying against the armies of the twisted Atheus, who had become Prime Lord by murdering his own father.


Arlon, Dak - Human mercenary who operated on the fringes of the Mid-Rim.

Born on Aldebare IV, Arlon worked for many local sector operators who wished to gain footholds in the Setnin Sector – including Jabba the Hutt.

Arlon worked in the sector during the Ki-Ki/Setnin War, making a living with his fellow operators and working out of the Euphoria Station. Arlon was there when it fell to Ki-Ki forces.


Armand – Uncle of Bennaren who was in league with a mysterious Setninite who plotted to overthrow Bennarens father.

Also from the ancient Setnin world of Hellion, Armand was in league with his brotherThe Dark One, also the brother of the first Setnin god who ruled the few inhabited worlds of the time.


Armatreides - Squat droid belonging to Goah Galletti.

Armatreides was destroyed in an attack upon Galletti’s life whilst aboard the Vosside Trade Station.


Arrams, Bigg - Outlaw, partner of Smatt Open and member of the Geon Tasar team who tailed Jan Lomona and his team on Janos.

Arrams perished along with the rest of the team in a landspeeder crash.


Arriandell – Employee of Torona Formoon on his largest base on Moot and the operative who greeted Jan Lomona when he delivered the carbonite frozen surprise of Goah Galletti to the base.

Married and also known as Mrs Dell, she enjoyed Jan’s flirting attentions.


Arring, Josie - Girlfriend of Squadron Indigo pilot Ando Raahne.

Arring was a computer operator in the Rebel Alliance.


Arrithat, Newell - An agent of Glann Cipples and a deadly proponent of the art of knife throwing.

Arrithat accompanied Jan Lomona and Goah Galletti on their second trip to Janos, which brought them into contact so spectacularly with the Janos Executioners.

During the chase that ensued after Galletti had killed Redd Garmich, Arrithat was knocked unconscious and left behind.

Ryath Centaur returned a short while later to liberate him from his Janos prison and the two soon became fast friends.


Artieml, Drontan - Lean human assassin who utilised the dark side of the Force.

As a consequence his favourite saying was `I never miss’.


Artunianonlipolitle – Otherwise known as Cap to his small team, which at times consisted of Jarvi, Hideo, Travees and the late Hanner.

Born on A-desando, he later lived on the edge of the Bay of Amagad, where theHeed crashed down during the end of Glann Cipples reign.


Arver - Wounded Galactic Alliance soldier who was treated aboard the Leogard Spacestation.

Arver worked in the sector during the Ki-Ki/Setnin War and was aboard the Euphoria Station when it was attacked by Ki-Ki forces and taken.


Asura Twi’lek female and girlfriend of racer Honaro Desiato.

Highly strung, this flawlessly featured Twi’lek was spoilt beyond belief, demanding the very best of everything and quite prepared to throw a tantrum if she didn’t receive it.

Asura broke up with and left Honaro on Hammill after his contract with the Assallam Astronautics team was terminated.


Atheus, Prime Lord – Son of Prime Lord Paol Kreaiden and his successor after murdering his own father in cold blood.

Mad with power, Atheus was a threat to the stability of the region. Just a few months prior to the Fall of Chancai, Atheus consorted with local and neighbouring sectors, making plans to carve up the Setnin Sector in the event of her being taken, which she was.


Attonus –Overweight, dark-skinned and balding advisor to Prime Lord Atheusafflicted with a stutter.


At, Vedi - Duros, blue skinned and tall, muscular but not the brightest of beings.

One of the main men of the crimelord Dressel who operated from outside the system. He was given money to come to Clayboss and start a new operation on behalf of Dressel.

However, the money was stolen and Vedi needed to get the money back quickly or Dressel swore to do unspeakable things to him.


Aurran - Correctly referred to as Z-3BO, this old former A-desandian security droid was activated eighty years before the Battle of Yavin on board the Republic cruiserRenown III, a ship operating within the Setnin Sector.

Aurran had been in the service of the Lomona family for many years, watching out for Jan and keeping him out of bother with his strict parents.

Leaving with Lomona when he left A-desando, Aurran remained with the outlaw techRomanoe for a while during the first Gang War.

During a brief spell Aurran acquired information about a rival gangleader that Glann Cipple wanted eliminated, the Chancai based ganglord Wessen. When Cipple learned of this knowledge he threatened to strip Aurran to his bare wires, but Romanoe and his efficient crew saved the old droid.

Loyal and independent, Lomona knew that whilst he was away from his ship, the Berone Sunrise was safe in Aurran’s capable hands.


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